Do it. Do now.

So you think you are a happy soul!
Being happy with life,
Except when you sometimes wish,
To be a little taller,
A little less skinny,
Or a little less chubby.
Wishing you had,
A bit more curves,
A bit more this,
And a bit more that.
A happy soul? Seriously?
Bitch please!
End the lies.
On how many scales do you measure yourself?
Weight, height, complexion. What not!
Huh, I am yet to see the scale,
The scale that measures weirdness,
That unique talent of making people laugh,
Laugh till they break into tears,
That hilarious sense of humour,
Will there be any such scale?
To show how pretty you look,
With those sun rays falling on you,
And how sweet you seem,
Carrying that kindness in your heart.
Will there be?
Every day,
Every next day without fail,
We think we are less.
Less than that girl who has a boyfriend,
Less than that guy who has made everyone proud,
And doing this every day,
We die a little,
Holding the scale,
No matter how sharp it gets.
Buckle up peeps,
Throw the scale away,
Life is much beyond than measuring these traits,
Show people your soul instead.
The ones who really love you,
Will never care if you are size C or not,
Or if you have straight black hair or not.
They won’t.
So, guide yourself home,
Be raw and be you,
Be happy without exceptions,
And be okay with your own self.
Do it.
Do now.