What lies in the middle

Welcome again,
You may have a seat,
But before that tell me,
How are you going to destroy me?
Where are you going to burn me?
Tell me,
Speak up,
You say you miss me,
Open your eyes and see I am still standing in the middle,
It is just some of you solely see the saffron,
Others are glued on the green in me,
You know all the assassinated souls,
They are all still sleepless in their graveyards,
Waiting for a sound sleep,
For liberation,
Waiting for you to beat another Salil Chaturvedi,
Asphyxiate another Rahul,
Waiting to get wrapped with another religious blanket,
Waiting and waiting,
Because that’s what you people do,
It seems you are all cheated and hypnotised,
Metamorphosed into a horse,
So much blind to see the sides,
So much in bustle to always leap over me,
You still didn’t recognise me?
I am the color of unicorn frequently appearing to spread magic,
I am the color of the innocent lamb,
I am nobility and purity,
I am what glows in the dark,
I am peace,
I am what lies in the middle of national flag,
I am the missing white.